Northstar, My Hero

Let’s be honest. Not many people out there will say “Oh hey, I love Alpha Flight. They are my favorite!” Alpha Flight, in my opinion is a kind of watered down, bland, Canadian version of the X-Men. Even in the 90’s cartoons I disliked the Alpha Flight episodes. At least that’s what I thought until I learned that one of the members, Northstar was gay. As it turns out, Northstar has been written as gay since 1992. Very progressive Marvel, very progressive indeed.


Well now, all of the sudden Alpha Flight seems a bit more entertaining. Who knows, maybe that’s why Marvel did it. Spark up a bit of controversy in 1992 to make the team a bit more interesting. No jump ahead 20 years. The somehow younger looking, apparently immortal Northstar finally gets the chance to get married. In 2012 New York legalized gay marriage. Marvel decided to jump all over that by finally having a wedding for Northstar and his long-time boyfriend (I dislike the term “partner) Kyle.

Marko Djurdjevic’s variant cover to ‘Astonishing X-Men #51’ Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

This was a big event. The X-Men were there, even the “straight” Iceman. Marvel finally had a gay married couple. I don’t know exactly why but this made me feel really happy. Maybe because this was at the beginning of the gay marriage movement and I was all caught up in the emotions, or maybe because I’m just a nerd and love super heroes and gay things. Who knows. Now, two years later, I’ve decided to discuss how awesome it is. There are a ton of LGBT comic book characters now. Who’s your favorite?


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