Sudden Race and Sexuality Changes In Comic Books

Recently, the new Johnny Storm was unveiled to the public via the recent Fantastic Four trailer. The new Human Torch will be portrayed in the upcoming film by Michael B. Jordan. Jordan is a 28 year old African American male. The unveiling of Jordan as the new Human Torch did not go over well with everyone. Why? Well… because he’s not White. According to an open letter written by Jordan some comments included “A black guy? I don’t like it. They must be doing it because Obama’s president” and “It’s not true to the comic.” Or even, “They’ve destroyed it!”



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I disagree with the thoughts and opinions from above. I mean, don’t you remember Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury? I can’t imagine anyone that would say he ruined the character. What about Michael Clark Duncan as the Kingpin? The truth, for me, is that these actors made the characters better in a specific way. Before I get into that, I feel as though the same goes for sudden sexuality changes like the one that Iceman.


In a recent issue of All New X-Men #40, Iceman is outed as gay.

Now, to what it is that made them better. I honestly feel as though I am blind to the race/sexual orientation of these characters. Put an African American Nick Fury in front of me and I see a bad ass guy with a rich background, awesome leadership skills, and authority. Put a Caucasian Nick Fury in front of me and I see a bad ass guy with a rich background, awesome leadership skills and authority. They are interchangeable to me now. They are the exact same person regardless of the color of the skin on that particular iteration. Same goes for Iceman. In some X-men stories, he is straight, in some he is gay. I could see Iceman dating a male or female and both would be perfectly acceptable without hesitation.


The point here is that race and sexuality do not make the character. Michael B. Jordan will be an awesome Johnny Storm. Also, insert any takeaways here that pertain to real life. You know what they are.


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  1. Michael B. Jordan is an excellent actor and just keeps getting better with each role. I personally can’t wait to see him in this role. Race aside, people who are fans of Action Characters always complain. Ben Affleck as Batman OMG. And seriously who expected Michael Keaton to be so awesome as Batman. Give the guy a chance. You may be pleasantly surprised. P.S. You’re quite a cute Geek if I may say so.

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