Coldplay–A Head Full of Yawns

It’s been a year and a half since Coldplay invited us around the camp fire to hear “Ghost Stories.” The outcome was one of the band’s darkest albums to date. “Ghost Stories” seemed to mimic front man Chris Martin’s gloomy personal affairs. Now the band is back with their seventh studio album, “A Head Full of Dreams.” The album art features a burst of color and, much like the first single, promises to take us on the “Adventure of a Lifetime.”

The new record includes a total of 11 tracks, of which only nine include vocals. “Colour Spectrum” is the shortest instrumental track on the album at one minute, and “Kaleidoscope,” an extract from a poem by Persian poet Rumi, opens with a harmonious piano instrumental.

The album begins with the lukewarm self-titled track, “A Head Full of Dreams” where Martin states,”I’m feeling ordinary,” and I could not agree more. The record continues on like an airplane revving down the runway never fully taking off. Even with assistance from Queen B herself in “Hymns for the Weekend,” Beyonce merely graces the song as a background singer for “let me shoot across the sky” during the chorus. I was hoping for a stronger collaboration such as the one Martin had with Rihanna on “Princess of China” featured on the Mylo Xyloto album, so this was extremely disappointing for me. Tove Lo also makes a special appearance on “Fun,” but don’t be fooled by the title. This track is anything but fun. Much like “Amazing Day,” the slow paced melodies and lyrics recall a time which was actually enjoyable, and this record is anything but enjoyable.

The first single, “Adventure of a Lifetime,” promised an upbeat, energetic record to contrast its predecessor. The bright, eclectic album artwork suggested imagination, out of body experiences, and majestic epiphanies, but it doesn’t deliver. Following the anticipation leading up to this album, it feels more like a collection of B sides which should have never made it to the cutting room floor. “A Head Full of Dreams” might be the perfect title because it’s sure to put you to sleep.

Rating: 2/5
Tracks worth a listen:
“Adventure of a Lifetime”
“Up and Up”


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