Dragon Ball Super Has Poopy Animation

Growing up, I was addicted to Dragon Ball Z. That show was amazing. When it ended, I tried to get into GT, but the storyline was awful. I never ended up watching the complete series. A few years ago, I was excited to find out the original creator, Akira Toriyama was set to be a part of a new movie, Battle of the Gods. When the movie was finally available, I watched it and very much appreciated the new, HD beautiful animation. More recently, a second movie called Resurrection F came out, and once again, the animation was great!

I recently discovered a new series started back around July in Japan. The series is called Dragon Ball Super, and it is a direct sequel to Dragon Ball Z. Dragon Ball Super begins slightly before the events of Battle of the Gods and continues throughout the events of that movie. The storyline is expanded and more detail is added to the plot in the tv show. The downside appears to be the animation. The first episode is great in terms of animation. After that, however, it seems to go downhill with a low point in episode 5. Beginning with episode 6, the animation gets better but is still, in my opinion, not even as good as Dragon Ball Z. Have a look for yourself below. These are real images from the show. They have not been tampered with.



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The person who made the image below pretty much captured my feelings exactly:




While searching the web, I also found some funny pictures and comparisons that people had made.




Now, Dragon Ball Z did have some faults in animation, but I don’t recall it happening this early on or as frequently. BUT JUST FOR FUN LETS LOOK AT SOME EXAMPLES!


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My favorite part so far is in episode 12 starting at 4:07 when it shows Vegeta’s face as he looks up into the sky. It then cuts to Whis who says, “Greetings. Doesn’t your neck hurt from doing that?” before cutting back to the same shot of Vegeta only zoomed in. It reminded me of the animation from Dragon Ball Pee Pee by Oni Cartoons.




OK FINE so maybe the animation was not the same as Dragon Ball Pee Pee, but that’s what it reminded me of when I saw it.


Now I’m in the mood to watch that. I’ll put it here in case you want to watch it, too.

You know, now that I’ve spent the time writing this and watching Oni the animation doesn’t seem that bad anymore. Oh well, hope you had fun looking at the pictures.


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