Pennsylvania Drag Queen Showcase


Welcome to the Pennsylvania Drag Queen Showcase. Below is a list of entertainers who either reside in Pennsylvania, live close and consider their home bar to be in Pennsylvania, or hold titles in Pennsylvania. The purpose of this showcase is to get to know entertainers from across the state. Also, If you’re an event coordinator looking for some new talent, you can find it here!

The entertainers on this list were found via Facebook stalking, through friend suggestions, and people sharing the link to the form. The research and effort put into this has been tremendous. It is impossible for me to find everyone. Additionally, I have sent countless direct messages on Facebook (Check your “other” folder if we are not friends).

If you are not on this list and would like to be click HERE <——–

If you have already submitted information and you do not see yourself on the list, make sure everything is filled out properly and submit again, or you can send a direct message to me on Facebook with the info.

Have an idea what state we should showcase next? Leave it in the comments below!

Lastly, for more information on some of the bars that have been listed see below:

Pennsylvania LGBTQ* Friendly Bars and Clubs




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