Diary of a Drag Queen: My Philly Debut!




If I could describe this past weekend in a word, it would be magical.

I have been preparing for this moment for about a month now — and now that it’s happened, I feel I have come back to State College a new person and a more knowledgeable drag queen. This was my first official show this year (I did a few house party-type shows and drag karaoke nights), so the itch to get on the stage was creeping up on me.

I was so happy and blessed for the opportunity to perform in a city where it’s hard to break into the competitive scene, especially with such amazing entertainers already turning the party.

Meeting Philly and New York queens helped me to grow as a drag queen and an entertainer. It’s helped me to bring out the comedic side for my performances and realize it’s okay to be a little messy and crazy.

Some may expect queens of this caliber to be snooty and arrogant, but trust me when I tell you, none of them were like that. They were all so kind and supportive — they all love the art of drag and seem to enjoy their time on stage.

This attitude rubbed off on me — this was the first time in a long time I haven’t been nervous for a performance. My number was inspired by the TV show “Bob’s Burgers” and one of its funniest characters, Louise Belcher. (Check out my performance video at the end of the post!)

Putting together a mix is harder than I thought it would be. Pairing spoken word clips with music, while having it make sense and be funny, could have been a disaster for me, but I think it came together. With it being my first mix, I figured it didn’t have to be super flashy. I can work my way up to the level of other performers’ mixes over time. (Shout out to my drag sister, Anja Dixon, for putting together my mix)


Finding a costume specific to Louise wasn’t an easy task, though. With her iconic green shirt dress and pink bunny ears, I had to get a little creative. Luckily I found an Old Navy dress at Plato’s Closet (I know, pedestrian, right?), but I had an even bigger problem — where the hell would I get pink bunny ears?

With Easter coming up, you’d think it’d be easy. Louise’s ears are in hat form, but I had the idea of creating my ears via a headband. By chance I found materials at the dollar store to create a glittery bunny ear headband from what used to be an Easter flower decoration, super glue, tape, and a black headband. I figure sooner or later, I’ll have to start being more creative with my outfits, so no better time than the present, right? Plus it was better spending about five bucks for the materials to make one rather than pay $20 for a hat on Amazon.

Overall, the outfit came together, and my makeup was one of the best paint jobs I think I’ve done so far in my drag career!

Check out my performance video below, and let me know what you think! Make sure you follow all the performers on social media!


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  1. Hey! I thoroughly enjoyed your performance! Way to werk the room, too! I love good drag, and you really served it! Maybe if I get to your neck of the woods, my Olivia Twisted and do a number with ya!

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