Music Monday: Best of Britney Spears

With rumors swirling that the Princess of Pop will drop a new album in May, I decided to take the opportunity to chose my favorite song from each of Britney Spears’ albums.

Why only one, you ask? Because otherwise this post would included basically every single Britney song in existence. That’s how much I love her music, even the albums that don’t get the praise they deserve (such as her most recent effort “Britney Jean”).

I’ll be working in reverse chronological order, starting with “Britney Jean” back through the greatest hits and the classic debut albums.

1. “Perfume” — from Britney Jean

No matter how much fans and Brit Brit haters knock “Britney Jean,” the album has its gems. Sure, “Work Bitch” is a fun track, but “Alien” and “Perfume” were a few of my favorites. But if I had to chose one, “Perfume” would win hands down. Everyone loves a good pop ballad, and Brit delivers every time.

2. “Up ‘N Down” — Femme Fatale (Deluxe Edition)

Of the recent Britney albums, Femme Fatale is definitely one of my favorites. “Up ‘N Down” from the deluxe edition was immediately put on my 

3. “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet A Woman (Metro Remix)” — Britney: The Singles Collection

I first heard this remix on “The Singles Collection” around the time “3” came out. The Metro Remix gives the ballad a Latin flavor and reimagines the track beautifully. Definitely is worth a listen.

4. “If U Seek Amy” — Circus

The minute you realize the pun behind the title you suddenly appreciate the song all the more. The Circus era was possibly the closest Britnet came to mixing her classic sound to the then-trends in music for a blend of pop perfection.

5. “Break the Ice” — Blackout

Possibly the most underrated Britney album of all time, “Blackout” wasn’t fully appreciated by fans when it was first released. “Break the Ice” was one of the most progressive pop songs of the time with its unique sound.

6. “Overprotected” — Britney

“Overprotected” is one of my ten top favorite Britney songs, mainly because it is one of the most relatable pop songs. And who doesn’t love the Darkchild remix?

7. “Toxic” — In the Zone

When it comes to the “In the Zone” era, no other song defines Britney’s career more than “Toxic.” From the iconic video to the recognizable beginning chords, “Toxic” will forever be Britney’s greatest song to date.

8. “Stronger” — Oops! I Did It Again

Again, so many great pop anthems for the masses on this album. But if you ever needed a track to lift you up and make you “stronger” (excuse the pun), look no further than this song.

9. “…Baby One More Time” — …Baby One More Time

Obviously, this was the best for last. No explanation needed.