Music Monday: Chill Pop & R&B Playlist

It’s Monday, and we all don’t want to be back at the old grindstone again. Take it easy today with our playlist of chill pop and R&B tracks to get your mind off the Monday blues.

Be Alright — Ariana Grande

The second promo single from Ariana Grande’s next album, “Dangerous Woman,” is so good. I felt really underwhelmed with the title track as the first single, not that the song is bad or anything, but I just was not immediately into it. But “Be Alright” totally brought me back on board and allowed me to appreciate the direction Ariana is taking for the next album. You can vogue your way through this entire song without any cares.

Kiss It Better — Rihanna

Rihanna released the video for “Kiss It Better” last week, and the single is one of the best off of “ANTI.” Swapping out the island vibes and dance beats for a more tame pop-rock vibe, Rihanna slinks over the guitar in this song. It harks back her “Rated R” days a bit.

Every Step Every Way — Majid Jordan

A friend of mine got me into Majid Jordan after he alerted me to the fact they are featured in Drake’s hit “Hold On (We’re Going Home).” “Every Step Every Way” is the most recent music video from their debut self titled album, and it’s so good. If you like what you hear, take a listen to their other singles “Her” or “Learn From Each Other.”

The Greatest — KING

My same friend who suggest Majid Jordan also got me into KING, an up-and-coming R&B trio that are amazing. Inspired by Prince, the trio slays on this, plus the music video is fun to watch.

Spotless Mind — Jhene Aiko

This is my absolute favorite song from Jhene — so much that it’s probably is in my top ten favorite songs of all time. The instrumental is so relaxing for me, and her vocals make it all the better.

Running — Jessie Ware

Jessie Ware’s 2013 album “Devotion” has tons of pop gems, and “Running” is perfect for our playlist. I first heard this song on a friend’s vinyl version of the album, and I immediately fell in love. Disclosure has a more upbeat remix that is definitely worth checking out.

Don’t — Bryson Tiller

It didn’t understand the rising hype around Bryson Tiller until I finally listened to “T R A P S O U L” last week. He very much follows the recent trends with hip-hop and R&B (a la Drake and his songs like “Hotline Bling”), and his popular single “Don’t” is a little more explicit than the rest of the playlist but is worth the listen.

Closer — Kings of Leon

The last song on the playlist today is a bit of a throwback. I know Kings of Leon is more in the rock genre, but the band dabbled in crossing over during the course of “Only By the Night.” “Closer” is one of my favorites from the album, rounding out the playlist with some chill rock vibes.