Transformation Tuesday: Ariel Versace

Every Tuesday we will be showing a drag transformation or tutorial video. If you have a video that you’d like to have showcased in the future, message us and we will see to it that it gets featured!

One of our favorites here at Christopher Street Extension, Philadelphia’s mermaid beauty Ariel Versace slays in her transformation video from last year. I’ve probably watched this approximately a million times because it’s so freaking amazing.

Not to mention, if you need any further proof that Ariel is amazing, she was just crowned the Philly Drag Wars All Stars Cycle 2 winner (and was top three during cycle 4)!

Also, #hairfordays. She has a collection of wigs I would kill for.

As a bonus video, below is her breast contour tutorial. Soak in all the sickening tips, henny.