#365DaysofDrag Days 51 to 75

“Phi Phi O’Hara is an artist whom I believe did not receive the recognition she deserved during her time on Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Since then, it seems she has been determined to show the world the full extent of her talent and creativity. At the beginning of the year, Phi Phi launched #365DaysOfDrag where she shows a different look every day.” – Jason Bailey

We are now quickly approaching summer and are on day 147. We have gotten a bit behind, oops, but to keep the load times down we’ll stick to the 25 at-a-time platform. For your viewing pleasure, please enjoy day 51-75. The posts below are embedded from Phi Phi’s page. Support her by liking her page, liking the photos you enjoy, and sharing them for the world to see!

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