Keep Thinking: Conspiracy Theories

I love making jokes and having a good time, but what really fascinates me are deep conversations. Not the ‘how does it work’ kind of conversation but the ‘how do they want you to think it works’ conversation: the complex, multi-faceted government, the cover ups, the things left unexplained.  As an American, I can look at North Korea and watch as their citizens are manipulated and lied to about how the world works. I would be naive if I didn’t think that somewhere there is a group of people looking at me in the same way.

Conspiracy theories are based in truth but may or may not make assumptions based on a lack of evidence.  The best part about them, isn’t whether they are right or wrong; it’s that they force people to think outside of what they are being told. Who was really behind 9/11? Does the presidential face truly even control the nation?  Why are there not cures for diseases which have been around centuries? All of these should make you stop and think, even if only for a moment. I love these theories and wanted to take a few moments to share some of my favorites.

  1. Plum Island

Plum Island is located off the coast of New York. It is home to the Plum Island Animal Disease Center. According to official reports, the center was a research center for biological disease countering and prevention during WWII. Most released documents have been on agricultural studies such as Foot and Mouth disease. Speculations are much worse, saying the center studied and tested biological weapons. Recent reports have suggested human experimentation has been conducted for years on the island. Some people even believe the center’s “research” is the cause of both Lyme Disease and the first outbreak of the West Nile Virus in the United States.

2. The Curse of Oak Island

Made increasingly famous by the history show of the same name, is a theory of a hidden treasure being buried on Oak Island. Oak Island is located off the coast of Nova Scotia. It is suspected to have been the treasure of Captain Kidd. The biggest area thought to have the treasure, known as “the money pit,” is well beyond it’s time in creation. The hole is seemingly booby trapped every few feet down, and no one has yet reached the area suspected to be the bottom.  Although some unique finds have been found across the island, no true treasure has been discovered.

3. New World Order

This is a unique conspiracy theory as it is comprised of many different facets within the theory itself. The main belief is there is a group of people behind closed doors who run and are attempting to reset the world as a whole. Many people believe a mass population control plan is underway by this group. With the main goal to reduce the population to less than 2 billion of the best, smartest, and most evolved people. There are many theories on how this is being done, ranging from vaccines to hands in global conflicts and the set up for WWIII.

4. Cicada 3301

A series of puzzles and cryptic codes spread across the globe are known as Cicada 3301. They are believed to be some type of application and recruitment for an elite group. The first puzzle was found in January 2012 on an internet forum. The codes come in multiple formats including telephone, internet, and physical markings which require an immense amount of knowledge from cryptology to religious and art studies in order to be able to solve. It is uncertain whether anyone has actually cracked the entire code due to trolling and hearsay.

5.  The Zika Virus

Being a bit fascinated with diseases and mutations, this one has particularly caught my interest. Up to 80% of people who are infected are thought to be asymptomatic which makes the disease incredibly dangerous. It is believed a corporation called OxiTech may have genetically manipulated this disease and purposely released it into the public through disease transmitting mosquitoes.

In case you are still not convinced conspiracy theories have any chance of being real, here are just a few ‘conspiracy theories‘ which were found to be true: The Mafia, MK-Ultra, Manhattan Project, Watergate, The Tuskegee Syphilis Study, and Operation Snow White.