Danyel Vasquez #ManicMondays

I moved to the city earlier this year, and am often given a hard time for being a ‘baby gay’. I had zero experience or even knowledge of the gay community and how it worked. Fortunately, I found one friend who would answer my questions without being condescending, especially when it came to the drag world. My first night out was a drag show, and I was instantly intrigued. Since then, I have been to shows all over the city, seen a lot of girls, and fell in love with some of their transformation abilities. I particularly enjoy my Manic Mondays at my favorite local bar, P Town.

Last week the special guest was Danyel Vasquez, and from the moment she stepped on stage I was blown away.  She had a presence and a humor about her that I hadn’t seen before. I have my favorite local queens, of which will remain unnamed to prevent drama, but I was instantly a fan of Danyel. She is home to Akron, Oh. She completely transforms her outfits and her mixes and doesn’t just add to them. She also puts on an absolutely stunning performance.

Please take some time to look at some of her work, check out her Facebook, her Twitter, and definitely go to her next show.