My issue with the phrase “blacklivesmatter”

Before you attack me hear me out. I have a shit ton of issues with this phrase. #blacklivesmatter is so widely spread and used and man do I have some beef around it. Hear me out.

  1. THE FACT THAT IT HAS TO BE A THING. See I thought after slavery was done we would finally see that we are all equal. So to see that we are still seeing POC as less is so sad. The fact that
  2.  100+ POC had to be murdered (by cops alone)  had to be killed to make it a protest we have to make. When will we realize that we are all the damn same. The only thing that makes us different is the pigment of our skin. We are all the same. Another issue I have is
  3. WE KNOW WE ALL MATTER BUT POC ARE IN THE MURDER SPOTLIGHT and we do not need all live matter. We know we all matter but POC are being killed by the hundreds and are a minority and we need to look out for those that need it right now. We should feel LUCKY that we don’t need a hashtag like that because that means we are doing ok. We are not under attack. And news flash ya’ll
  5. CAN YOU IMAGINE WAKING UP WORRYING ABOUT YOUR FAMILY OR kids being killed because of their skin color? No because you wake up knowing that you are the majority so you are a lot safer.
  6. STOP SAYING that we all should be worried for our lives. Unless your colored or in the lgbt community you are safe. So instead of showing off your safety
  7. SPEAK OUT. SAY THEIR NAMES. STAND UP TO HATE  we are the majority. It is our job to stand up for our brothers and sisters. They deserve to be safe and not scared for their self or family
  8. BLACKLIVESMATTER. REGARDLESS of whether you think they deserve all the attention, be thankful the world isn’t out for you or your race. Be thankful that you are safe and can go to bed without worrying.

I can’t say black lives matter any more than I do. But I can talk to others and bring it up to higher level people. I can hope and pray that we all are seen as equal but until then


  • Kevin