Pokemon Go: Makes Everyone Happy

You’ve noticed the erratic stop and go movements of the side walk crowds. You’ve noticed more and more ‘complete’ and annoyingly long stops being made at stop signs. You hear a common tune playing from all the phones near you. If you don’t know you may be living under a rock…Yes, Pokemon Go is finally here, and we couldn’t be more excited!

All ages are embracing the joy that is finally being able to catch these beloved creatures. The memes and statuses have taken over the internet and no one expects it to stop until we’ve caught them all…and probably not even then. It isn’t often that a game comes out that hits home with everyone. Today’s children and teens are embracing the new game and the stories they have heard from their parents, < 40-year-olds are delighting in their childish dreams coming true, and even the older generations have jumped on the bandwagon and are out walking around in hopes of catching a Mew. Businesses are even taking advantage of the growing trend.

After three years of Ingress, a delightful virtual reality game that has caused thousands of people to get outside and moving, Niantic has managed to do one better by adding the world of Pokemon to a very similar game. The loyalty and friendships that were created worldwide between the two teams in Ingress was unforeseen, but I am looking forward to seeing how the same plays out in Pokemon Go. From local events and hangouts to worldwide tours, I hope that Niantic brings their Anomaly concept to their new game…because who doesn’t want to out battle the entire league, join the Elites, and become the Ultimate Champion?

So if you aren’t playing yet, what’s stopping you??? Get started catchin’ them all here or here. Choose your team wisely friends…Go Valor!