Why Pittsburgh Loves Anthrocon

2006 was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. After 9 events held in places like Albany, Valley Forge, and Philly; Anthrocon decided to give Pittsburgh a chance. Nearly 2,500 people attended the convention that year and Pittsburgh was first introduced to, what would become, a wonderful new friend. Every year since for just a few days, we get to visit with our new friends.

Why do we love you? Some ways that people describe the attendants of the convention:




For a few days each year, the city becomes a little more colorful, a little happier, and full of a lot more smiles.



WATCH: While in town for the 20th Annual Anthrocon, two Furries stopped by NewsRadio Kdka to take over the morning news!

Posted by KDKA-TV | CBS Pittsburgh on Friday, July 1, 2016


Businesses near the convention center get into the spirit by painting paws on their window, creating specialty menu items, and making it known that our Anthrocon friends are absolutely welcome. One restaurant downtown even had new staff shirts created for the event.



Posted by Christopher Street Extension on Friday, July 1, 2016


Since 2006, attendance to the convention has increased. In 2015 attendance was over 6000! What has equally increased is Pittsburgh’s love for the convention and it’s guests. We love you. Be yourself, be happy, and please don’t ever go away.


Thank you for being our friend and making us smile.


Photo credit: Anthrocon Facebook page.