#note7 Off-Book Uses for the Note 7

If you haven’t heard quite yet, the new Samsung Note 7 really gives you a bang for your buck. All new features are literally blowing people out of the water. Never before has a phone included a fire starter, a small explosive, and the ability to partially liquify. Included in this report are some of the best off-book uses for your new phone.

1. Slow fire starter. If you don’t mind waiting a few hours, this is the perfect way to roast marshmallows in your home.

2. Have a coworker you really don’t like? Just lend them your phone for a bit…its sure to be a blast for both parties.

3. No longer is there a need to buy those pesky hand warmers. This phone has the function built in.

4. Don’t like the black color or lack of a smell? Enabling the fire feature will also permanently expand your device, enable a burnt plastic smell, and yellow coloring.

5. Leading researchers predict the biggest selling point to be, the ability to swap your new phone for another at no cost to you. Don’t worry if your fire gets a bit out of hand because you can exchange your current model for an even hotter one.