8 Fun, Funny, and Heartwarming Coming Out Stories

Coming out stories are not always happy, or pleasant. Below are some coming out stories that I have found that may brighten your day a bit. 



Number 1

One of my best friends came out to me in the middle of playing Mario Brothers 3.

We’re sitting in my living room, parents are outside/elsewhere, when she suddenly pauses the game, looks at me and says “I have something I need to tell you.”

“What’s up?”

“I like girls.”



“So are you gonna ask Sarah out? ‘Cause she was asking about you the other day.”

In less than 5 minutes of her coming out to me, I had a hook-up for Prom for her.

They’re getting married this summer, after almost 20 years together.

I’m gonna be their Best Man.

Now, how does one throw a bachelorette party for two women on the same night? 



Number 2

My daughter “came out” in the back seat of our truck. We were on our way to or from a softball game. She did it this way “Mom, would it be all right if I dated this girl named Cate?”

This was her question. I didn’t even flinch and said of course Jen! I then get “I asked because it’s going to involve you and her Mom coordinating rides since she lives an hour away and neither of us has a license obviously.”

She wasn’t coming out, she was asking permission for me to become a taxi service which I gladly did. 🙂

PS: I loved Cate and still do to this day. She is an amazing person and a great soul.

-unknown (account deleted)


Number 3

Gay man here. I’ll give you my coming out story. It was Ash Wednesday (big catholic family) we all still have ashes on our foreheads. I’d been trying to tell my mom and step dad for days. They are both very conservative. So after days of trying to get it out, I finally work up the courage. I hand my mom a note saying something like, “this is really hard to say so I’ll just write it down, I’m gay.”. My mom reads the note and says, “okay, well I figured” she tells my step dad and he admits he’s known for a while. They told me that they knew when I was 4 and that they’d love me forever no matter what.



Number 4

My best friend is gay.

When we were growing up the LGBT community was just getting it’s foothold when it came to acceptance. It was the early 80’s.

He was always around the house, my parents basically just accepted the fact that this kid was always going to be around. He ate dinner with us all the time and it wasn’t uncommon for him to spend the night on non-school nights.

In the mid-90’s he finally came out of the closet. We were about 18 at the time. Since we had so many discussions when we spent time around one another, I already knew. When he did come out he told his parents and they disowned him. He said they knew he was gay, but they still disowned him just because he publicly admitted it.

Since my parents were always so kind to him, he decided to sit down and have a conversation with them about it too. He basically said “I’m gay” and my Dad’s reaction was “no shit”. My mom hushed my Dad and said she was proud of him for being true to himself. He lived with us for about two months, found his own place and moved out. He just needed some time to get money together. My parents helped him financially as much as they could. Nothing ever changed, my parents still, to this day, treat him like he is part of the family.

History is repeating itself.

My daughter’s best friend is gay. They’re about to enter high school. He is a popular kid, everyone likes him, no one cares that he is gay. Except his parents.

His parents pulled him out of school, home schooled him, because they thought public school was “making him gay”. They sent him to something along the lines of pray away the gay. He stayed true to himself though, nothing has changed who he is. He is still openly gay.

His parents basically gave him to his ultra conservative grandparents who tried more church, more praying and arranged activities to “make him more manly”. After all those failed and he rebelled, they basically just gave up on him. He lives in their house, but goes relatively ignored, they’ve given up on him. They give him the very basics of care.

So he spends a lot of time at our house. Me, my daughter and him play video games a lot, we’ve been getting in shape for track, and when my daughter and I plan things, we include him. I’ve just kind of unofficially adopted the kid.

He’s slept over on school nights, sometimes staying up to five or six days at a time. His grandparents just don’t care. He was running low on clothes one day and I realized they were getting ratty when I was doing the wash. I called his grandparents and mentioned it and they told me “The clothes he has are fine, he doesn’t need anything new.”

My daughter asked if we could get him new clothes. She had also asked to upgrade her phone before this. I told her that I couldn’t afford to get him new clothes and a phone upgrade. So she gave up her phone upgrade and we took him shopping. I spent probably about $300 on clothes and shoes for this kid and he was just about in tears. If he thanked me one more time I was going to strangle him.

I upgraded my kid’s phone and I just went without some simple things. In my opinion her behavior deserved reward. She was willing to go without so that someone else could get something they needed. Kind of made me proud that my kid could look at a situation and see that. I know that sounds silly. But the idea that she was willing to go without an accessory so that someone could get a necessity really impressed me.

I think he’s eventually going to ask to move in, so I’ve started preparing a room for him. I figure he’s here so much anyway, that sleeping on the floor is probably getting old. So even if he doesn’t ask to move in, he’ll still have a place to sleep on the nights he stays over.

Since I live with my parents, I asked if it was okay. We have a five bedroom house and the spare room kind of became a catch all for all my adopted computers. My parents are living on their retirement and anything I make gets added to the pot. It’s an added expense that my parents and I weren’t expecting, but we’ll be alright. I just don’t like the idea of this kid going through life thinking he isn’t accepted anywhere and has nowhere to go.

When I tried to talk to his grandparents and his parents about things, I basically get shunned because I’ve accepted who he is. I just keep being polite and letting them know what their kid is doing, how well he is doing in school, how many friends he has and everything else. It’s like I am a telemarketer bothering them. Their responses are curt and the conversation is usually cut short.

My Dad now jokes that we’re like the underground railroad for gay people. My best friend stops over on major holidays to spend time with us. He usually has his significant other with him. Then we usually have my daughter’s best friend over too, because his grandparents leave him at home on holidays.



Number 5


This picture:



Number 6

I wasn’t out to anyone. I was on a first date type thing with a guy off grindr. We decided to just walk round the city we live in and it was all very nice. However, I didn’t realize my friends had also decided to go in to the city to buy some things and we ended up running in to them. I played it cool as we walked past them and just said hi. The thing is I had told them I was getting lunch with a few of the people I had stayed with in university accommodation. Later on after the date thing was over I texted them to see if they were still in the city and we could walk back home together. They were and we met up and they started asking (I think obliviously) how the lunch went. I tried making up a couple of lies but I kept tripping up and eventually just blurted out “I was with a guy off grindr!”. They took it really well though which was great.



Number 7

It was a drunken night with some friends after high school. My parents were out of town for the weekend. I decided to be stupid and put on a terrible impromptu drag show. Right in the middle of my performance car lights turn into the drive way. My mom decided to come home early. She walked right pass me. I asked my best friend (he’s straight)to come with me inside to see my mom. I was a sloppy crying mess. I kept apologizing for being gay. but luckily my straight bro helped my mom understand what I was trying to say. And also understand that I wasn’t trying to be a woman; helped her understand drag too. It was extremely embarrassing. The next morning I was hung over as hell so she made me pancakes and told me not to worry, she loves me just the same.



Number 8

I was having too many chats opened at the same time, I wrongly sent a message about how cute a male singer was to my sister instead of my friend. She took it well though, and suggested me other handsome celebrities to look at.




That’s all for now! Feel free to share your coming out story with us for future lists! Thanks for reading!