Guy Pranks His Straight Roommate

I came across this story on Reddit. It was in different pieces across a long period of time. Below are all of the (interesting) pieces put together. At the bottom I’ll link the threads.


The story begins!

Hey Bros! I wanted to share with you some fun that I am having with my roommate. Thought you would enjoy it.

So my Straight roommate (who I get along with fine) hung up this poster at the beginning of the summer.


While it made me uncomfortable and a little vengeful to have it up. While i was debating to hang up a sexy man poster basically naked with a puppy (boyfriend’s idea).


But then a new idea came to mind.Why not change his poster one by one and see what happens (Sexy Man Asses).


We will be slowly adding more and more to it and see how long it takes him to notice. Here is what we have done so far.


Subtle, but makes us laugh.

Of course updates will come with more pictures!

Updates to come with the new additions when they come up.



A few weeks later the story continues

We got a little ambitious today and added some more pictures. Granted he hasn’t said anything and I really doubt he notices. We added 5 more pictures to the group making a total of 6.

Let’s play a game! Spot the Man Ass!


In the words of RuPaul: “Good Luck, and DON’T f**k it up!”

Also, we are struggling finding of the the oddly specific pics such as the paint splatter and the motorcycle ass pics. If any of you bros find a good one send it to me in PM and it will be greatly appreciated!

Here is the key:



The next updates explain that the roommate never seemed to notice. 


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