The Trigger Warning Debate: Counterpoint

This blog is in part a response to Casey Contranym’s Dec. 2, 2015 blog entitled “The Trigger Warning Debate” and also just some of my own thoughts on the matter.  That is also to say I don’t mean to disrespect

The Hookup Culture: Are We Disconnecting to Connect?

The term hookup culture has now been academically studied, posted on feminist blogs, and made its way into people’s everyday conversations.  Even as we talk about hooking up more and more, as the research bears out, we’re not always talking

Transgender, Gender Dysphoria, and Why Paul McHugh Is Just Plain Wrong

Let’s start with the T, the one that used to come at the end of LGBT and is now somewhere in the middle of an alphabet soup of identities I like to summarize as LGBT+.  When I learned about these

You’re Gay Because You’re Rebelling Against God, and He Has Cursed You

Recently a friend of mine passed along an e-mail he had received from his mother.  In this e-mail she referenced a conversation they had about the “homosexual lifestyle”.  (You know how it goes, your kids go off to college, study