5 ways to make sure everyone knows you’re the gayest gay and not a noob

Ok! So here are 5 simple and easy steps to make sure EVERYONE knows that you’re the gayest gay in existence and that no one can challenge your gayness. Also, that you’re the ultimate gay authority ESPECIALLY AT PRIDE, GAY

Underground and Underexposed

________________________________________________________________________________________________ Underground music is such a major and often unappreciated part of american alternative culture. The underground is where you can find everything great that is and once was. Raves, metal, EDM, punk, pop, and everything in between, all once

Ignorance: why it’s not a choice, but your use of it is

THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT IGNORANCE It’s not a choice and millennials use it wrong nearly every day. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ So lets make this clear, I’m not attacking you guys for your social justice blogging and campaigning, I am

Men Of Cosplay

COSPLAY. It’s a Big Geeky World. Full of talent. Creativity. and Hot guys dressed up as your favorite comic book and anime characters. So enjoy these 4 cosplay features and get ready to #meninspandex the fuck out of your life,

5 steps to becoming an artist for the modern Millennial

Hello friends. Have you ever thought “Fuck my life has absolutely no fucking meaning, and I should really be doing something with my life other then working at (insert meaningless job here)”? Well today is your lucky day, because with