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Nick Author... More >

Andrew Author... More >

JayyRuger 13.vegan.quadrasexual.velociraptor.potato-kin.migratory birds.sometimes I'm like so random hahahahha Rawr XD.... More >

Jason Bailey I am a 32 year old pansexual cis male living in Pittsburgh. I am a huge nerd. This is my space to put my thoughts. Hopefully you will be entertained. ... More >

MichelleSays Michelle. 20. Just a small-town girl taking on the big city this summer. If you want to hear some opinions from someone completely irrelevant, you've... More >

Kevin Bailey Hey ya'll I'm Kevin I'm a transman from a small town in MA. I love writing listening to music drawing watching netflix and sleeping. I graduate highsc... More >

Jacob Bass Jacob Bass is a trans writer, editor, and photographer from Virginia who is a former contributor at and former moderator at the now defun... More >

Cherri Baum Cherri Baum is a well known, and popular entertainer and performer in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.... More >

Southern Trans Belle Jaisee is living a new adventure as she makes her way through the city of angels. She discusses issues surrounding the Trans community.... More >

Edwin Betancourt Edwin Betancourt is an openly gay 25 year old, from Bronx New York. He is a writer who also enjoys venturing into acting and the crazy characters th... More >

Casey Contranym Hi there, agender pansexual kinky switch here to share thinky thoughts and nonsense.... More >

The Contrarian My name is William. Being a 24 year old political moderate, wanna be poet, and culture enthusiast that likes to break down political, social, and cult... More >

David Dean I am a PsyD candidate, feminist, volunteer, fraternity man, activist and I like to talk about about society and culture.... More >

Nico Di Angelo I am a very down to earth man. I tend to use many words, words no one usually uses or knows its meaning, like the awesome word: OVERMORROW. I love dra... More >

Josh Glossner Hailing from Central Pa., Josh is one of State College's many talented drag queens, taking on the persona of Miss Carrie Oakey. He enjoys writing, per... More >

James Griffin Author... More >

Alex Haney I'm a 23-year old bi, cis-gendered male living in the Pittsburgh area that is trying to figure out what to do with himself after graduating from colle... More >