Help Us Build A Drag Queen Showcase

I have decided to re-work the showcase to add more content. The new showcase will be a gallery of pictures. When a person clicks on a picture, it will take them to an entire page dedicated to that entertainer. This way, I can add additional pictures, embed YouTube videos, add additional info such as a bio and so on.


So far, I have created a page for each entertainer that is on the original list and I have added the info that existed in the current showcase. I have also created the photo gallery, labeled the images, and I am now working to add the hyperlinks to each image.


Feel free to check out the work in progress here:

If you click on your image and it does not take you to your page yet, don’t worry. It will when I’m done. I will probably mess with the font a bit and possibly the size and shapes of the images as well before it is published.

If you have anything that you would like me to add to your page: bio, YouTube video links, additional pictures, so on… please feel free to use the form below.

There are a bunch of fields. You are welcome to only fill out the info that you want to see on your page. The required email section is just so I can verify who sent the form. Your email will not be displayed on the post unless you include it in booking info or other areas.

Lastly, please share this page with any performers that you know that I have missed. Regardless of how hard I try, I will never find everyone. With your help I can hopefully reduce the number of people that I’ve missed.