Amie Vanité Kincade

Amie Vanité Kincade



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Home Bar: Daniel Kincade Entertainment’s CABARET

Past titles: Miss Beck Hall 2006, Miss Basketcase 2009, Miss Red Star 2010, Miss Runway 2010, 2011 Queen of CABARET, Miss Cheers Tavern 2012

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Haus of: Kincade

Comment: Amie Vanité Kincade is one of Eastern Pennsylvania’s most talented Drag Entertainers working for and co-owning Daniel Kincade Entertainment. Performing everywhere from regular Drag Shows, Benefit Shows, Pride Festivals, to Private Parties.. even Children’s Parties, as well as many other types of functions.. Amie is willing to go anywhere that she’s asked to make an appearance. Amie’s primary focus is entertaining her audience by performing songs that tell a story or share a valuable life lesson. When performing, Amie has been known to draw from a plethora of well-known celebrities for her inspiration. Amie’s material includes the works of: Judy Garland, Julie Andrews, Linda Eder, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Bette Midler, Debra Monk, Debbie Reynolds, Alanis Morissette, Carol Burnett, Céline Dion, Liza Minnelli…. AND MANY MORE!! Wherever she goes, Amie’s goal is to leave the audience entertained and wanting her to come back again and again!!