Men Of Cosplay

COSPLAY. It’s a Big Geeky World. Full of talent. Creativity. and Hot guys dressed up as your favorite comic book and anime characters. So enjoy these 4 cosplay features and get ready to #meninspandex the fuck out of your life,

5 steps to becoming an artist for the modern Millennial

Hello friends. Have you ever thought “Fuck my life has absolutely no fucking meaning, and I should really be doing something with my life other then working at (insert meaningless job here)”? Well today is your lucky day, because with

The Nomi Darling Show: A Drag Sketch Comedy Show

For about a year now, I’ve been writing, producing, and starring as Nomi Darling–my drag persona–in the wildly popular online drag sketch comedy show, “The Nomi Darling Show”, with my partner Alistair McQueen. It has been a creatively fulfilling year