Ignorance: why it’s not a choice, but your use of it is

THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT IGNORANCE It’s not a choice and millennials use it wrong nearly every day. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ So lets make this clear, I’m not attacking you guys for your social justice blogging and campaigning, I am

Men Of Cosplay

COSPLAY. It’s a Big Geeky World. Full of talent. Creativity. and Hot guys dressed up as your favorite comic book and anime characters. So enjoy these 4 cosplay features and get ready to #meninspandex the fuck out of your life,

Pennsylvania LGBTQ*-Friendly Bars and Clubs

Whether you’re looking for a venue to see a drag show or a place to have a couple beers with friends, we have a running list of the Keystone state’s LGBTQ*-friendly bars. The current list was taken as a supporting