MH: Protein Types Pt. 1- What’s the Best? Worst?

The number one purpose of every fitness magazine, commercialized workout routine and lifestyle changing pyramid scheme is to sell you something… to sell you a product or an often unattainable ideal. The majority of the aforementioned productions have extras to

Muscle Hooligan: Why “Bodybuilding Routines” Don’t Work…

So you’ve decided to start lifting, but you have no idea where to start or you’ve been lifting for a while and are not seeing the results you want. These are the questions and problems I see and answer everyday

Muscle Hooligan: But I’m Pre-T!!

Over the years, I have fielded many-a question from those just starting out on their journey to a fitter, healthier, and often stronger version of themselves. One common thought I hear expressed is that because of the lack of HRT