Transformation Tuesday: Astala Vista

(Featured photo by Garrett Mathew Photography. Check out his work, it’s fantastic.) Our Transformation Tuesday post shows our love for Philadelphia’s self-proclaimed “crazy cat lady,” Astala Vista. This visually striking queen is making the children gag once again in this

You Don’t Need to be Man Enough

I found the most confidence when I didn’t care about the outcome; I flirted and was myself despite very adamant opposition. As I’ve come out, I’ve noticed that instead of always being myself I sometimes get caught up in being

Transformation Tuesday: Ariel Versace

Every Tuesday we will be showing a drag transformation or tutorial video. If you have a video that you’d like to have showcased in the future, message us and we will see to it that it gets featured! One of

Meet Bev, Philly’s Best Christian Drag Queen

When her friend Pissi Myles got a feature on Christopher Street Extension, fellow Philadelphia queen Bev asked jokingly, “Where’s mine?” It was high time I met Bev anyway–she’s consistently popping up in my feeds in drag lineups, and I’ve heard

Feeling A Bit Pissi?: A Tale of Glamorous Proportions

Interviewing a drag queen should be anything but normal. And when it comes to someone like Pissi Myles, her larger than life personality and comedic timing leave everyone in stitches. With her one-year anniversary of “What Makes Me Pissi” rapidly approaching

Five Pennsylvania Drag Queens You Should Know and Love

I was so happy to see all the LGBTQ*-related events to attend when I began classes at Penn State after my experience growing up in a small town (Bellefonte, if you’re curious). Luckily, drag shows were one of those events.